GolfNow Website Theme Library


  • Block Editor & Expansive Block Library
    Customize your content using our block library. Drag and drop blocks to create custom layouts with ease.
  • Drone or Image Sliders
    Highlight your course with an immediate Wow! on your homepage.
  • User Management
    Manage back-end users so you can quickly update content at all times.
  • Event Aggregators
    Promote the ongoing events at your course. Market to your visitors with customizable aggregator display options.
  • Custom Lead Forms
    Create forms to collect curated information for your specific needs.
  • Online Store Integration
    Powered by WooCommerce, our online store platform allows you to process payment using our NEXT Payments software.


A diverse collection of designs that boast exceptional quality without any compromises.


The Albatross template is ready for you to fly! Display images of your course, guest reviews, and more. This template is ideal if your course hosts lots of public events.



This design offers multiple opportunities for showing off your course with high scale images. With banded sections for both verbal and visual descriptions, Aspen offers a unique opportunity to display everything your course has to experience in a clean way.


Lots to offer, with the images to prove it? Austin is your go-to template! Be prepared to share your amenities, upcoming events, and guest reviews with the Austin theme.



Dogwood has features ready to showcase your course amenities through a curated mix of high-resolution images and bold typography. Showcase your facility by letting your homepage shine! The Dogwood template is ideal for courses with less to say, and everything to see.


Classy, dignified, and diverse in design. Eagleton provides a gorgeous display of what your course offers. If you want the beauty of a PLUS site balanced with brevity, Eagleton calls!


Love colors? Host a lot of public events? Believe a picture’s worth a thousand words? If you answered “Yes, yes, and yes,” Indigo is your best bet! This theme will dazzle guests and frequent flyers alike.



Mulberry pulls out all the stops with a dazzling full screen and enhanced desktop scrolling experience. Layout features include bold photography paired with full-width banded content blocks to highlight important information for course clients.



Unique among the template choices, Pine features a fixed, side-anchored mobile responsive navigation. Courses looking to have navigation links quickly available will appreciate this layout feature, as well as the banded main content area.


We won’t lie: Quantum is one of our most popular choices. If you prefer to show, not tell, with extra promotional space as well, this theme will bring you to a whole new realm of customer satisfaction.


Redmond is a stylish, image-focused design for the course you have to see to believe. With ample opportunity to share high quality photos, Redmond is great if your course is looking better than ever.



The Sequoia template offers a timeless design for practical courses. Highlight and elevate your photography with parallax animations. Offering smaller image requirements, without sacrificing quality.


Sunrise is by far our most dynamic display! Color blocks and high quality images make the Sunrise template worth every penny. Success is on the horizon with the Sunrise template.



One of the original go-to templates for golf organizations, This template works great for organizations wanting to maintain top-level accessibility in their website as Sunstone is a true AA accessibility rated template.

Willow Thumb


Designed to stand out with unique font pairings, Willow does the heavy lifting with an easily customized template. This template works well for organizations leveraging an content-centric design, ideal for capturing the beauty and amenities of your course.