Mobile Check-in & Pay

Fully integrated with multiple operating systems, Mobile Check-in and Pay makes the golf experience easier for golfers and operators alike.

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Maximize Revenue and Customer Satisfaction.

Mobile experiences are everywhere–from ordering food, booking hotels, and checking in at airlines. It’s no surprise that golfers want the same convenience at the course. Elevate your customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty by embracing Mobile check-in.

Mobile check-in

Provide golfers the ability to save time and check-in on their mobile device.

Integrated orders

Mobile Check-in and Pay integrates directly into your point of sale for time savings, deeper integration and easy reconciliation.


Provide golfers the ability to pay for their round before arriving at the course.

Accelerated F&B

Prepare or deliver customer food and drink orders quicker using GPS tracking and route recommendations.

Enhanced Customer Experience.

No waiting upon arrival and save time at the turn with mobile ordering.

  • Save Time
    Simplify the check-in process and eliminate pro shop lines.
  • Reach More Golfers
    Greater promotion on GolfNow with in-app badging.
  • Stay Updated
    Automatically update your tee sheet and reservation details.
  • Improved Customer Experience
    Use staff in more efficient ways to increase satisfaction.