Best Practices

Tips for a profitable 2019

A new year brings unique challenges to golf courses across the United States. To ensure that your course thrives this year, it’s important to evaluate the state of your business – both today and for tomorrow.

Sustain your course by:

  • Knowing your golfers – It’s essential to understand who your golfers are – from their age to their tee time preference and favorite drink order. The best ideas to grow rounds come from having a more complete grasp of the needs and desires of your golfers.
  • Maintain a fully utilized tee sheet – Ensuring a full tee sheet is essential to maximizing revenue, but the importance of accuracy cannot be overstated. A loyal golfer can turn sour after one tee time mistake.

Grow your course by:

  • Creating efficiency and removing redundancies, where possible – A seamless, friction-free experience stands out. Allow golfers to focus their limited time on golf – not waiting in lines to meet your courses’ checks and balances.
  • Focusing on the golfer experience – Allow your staff to focus on the human experience by removing the burden of administrative tasks. Concentrate on delivering the best experience for the golfer and keep them coming back.
  • Expanding your reach for new golfers – Technology can be a solution to grow the number of players at your property,

Feeling challenged by your 2019 to-do’s?

Technology can be your partner in sustaining and growing your business. G1 brings together innovation, time savings and business-building solutions to grow golf for tomorrow. We make it easy to know your golfer, manage your tee sheet, create efficiency and deliver on the golfer experience.

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