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Teaching Professionals get Consultation and Management Solutions from Instructor Plus

What’s good for instructors is good for the golf course, too

The past decade has brought waves of sophisticated technology to help dedicated golf instructors diagnose swing flaws, communicate with students, design drills with biofeedback and generally bring a scientific process to the lesson tee. What instructors haven’t been offered—until now—is support to address the business challenges and missed opportunities that have long frustrated them.

The remedy to all that is Instructor Plus, a comprehensive and customizable technology platform and service for golf instructors. Inspired by GOLFNOW’s Plus management and marketing service —currently being used by more than 1,300 golf courses nationwide—the new Instructor Plus combines expert consultation and proprietary management tools. It’s all designed to help instructors improve and sustain their businesses in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

“We know that facilities that have high-quality teachers see more play and more spending from the golfers who engage with their instruction programs,” Anderson said. “Instructor Plus creates continual opportunities to grow this engagement through professionally managed marketing while freeing up the instructor to spend more time on the lesson tee, where he or she is most valuable.”

There’s been enthusiastic initial response to Instructor Plus, which is one of many business-to-business platforms within the new GOLF Business Solutions portfolio. Golf coaches and teachers are welcoming the package, made up of a dedicated marketing agent with a unique suite of technologies. This is the first-ever opportunity for teaching professionals to access the expertise and tools they need to customize and boost their marketing, sales, social media and back-office functions. An obvious bonus benefit is having time freed up to concentrate more fully on their students.

The technology behind Instructor Plus is designed to benefit any instructional operation, from sole proprietors to multi-instructor, stand-alone facilities. Instructors can choose between a full-service option or a do-it-yourself Toolkit, which provides the instructor with a customized, mobile-friendly website, robust instruction-scheduling software, an email marketing tool and a coach-student communications app.

The new platform will be available for demonstration at the GOLF Business Solutions booth at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show. The booth (#2173) will be hosted by all golf businesses within the NBC Sports Group portfolio and managed by GOLF Channel.