Press Release

New ‘perks’ program motivates customers

Golf is a lifestyle for a lifetime. And as we golfers pursue our passion, the most popular ways we like to connect with the game is through playing, learning, watching, shopping and traveling. There’s no question that we’re always up for a round!

Members of the new GOLFPASS program, recently launched in partnership between Rory McIlroy and NBC Sports Group, are psyched about the host of exclusive, ongoing perks and benefits that not only help them make those connections but also make it easier to get out and play.

Now, golf courses that partner with GOLFNOW have an opportunity to make their own connections with avid golfers through a new program called GOLFPASS Perks.

The concept is simple and on-boarding is fast. Select the Perks you want to offer from a range of categories including food and beverage, golf shop, tee times and more. Examples include 2-for-1 drinks, same-day replay and complimentary range balls. Golfers booking tee times on GOLFNOW will be able to see that you offer Perks through a visual icon badge as part of your listing. Note that at least one selection from each category is required. Courses are also welcome to offer their own custom Perks. 

GOLFPASS Perks may be new to the market but it’s off to a fast start, with 100-plus courses already participating and prior testing revealing solid proof of consumer responsiveness.

Jerramy Hainline, Vice President of Sales for GOLFNOW and Golf Advisor, has been shepherding the program from development to early deployment, including the beta test. “What we found from our initial analytics is highly encouraging,” says Hainline. “Year over year, in comparable time periods, the partner courses we studied show greater engagement with customers coming through the GOLFNOW portal and a higher spend per visit by those customers.”

Lots of valuable evidence about how Perks can motivate your customer is available through our G1 premier management solution“We’re looking forward to having lots of G1 partner courses badge their GOLFPASS customers on the system and automatically get reports that show visit patterns and spend-per-visit, and which of the perks are getting the most usage,” says Hainline. “That is rich data for the operator to see at a glance and utilize for current and future marketing initiatives.”

Meanwhile, the GOLFNOW data analytics group will be learning more and more about GOLFPASS use in general, so that suggestions and tie-ins can be offered to course partners on a regular basis. “People who sign up for GOLFPASS who identify with “Play” as their No. 1 motivation are the most loyal, most active golfers in our whole ecosystem,” says Hainline. “The Perks icon is a course’s way to tell that group of people there is a red carpet rolled out for them.”

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