NBC Sports Next for Golf: New Product Names

At NBC Sports Next, we’re continually striving to offer you the most innovative products and services to help you succeed. Over the years, our efforts to grow and improve have resulted in the collection of more than 20 golf-related brands within our portfolio. 

To simplify our presence within the golf marketplace and our recognition by you, we have decided to greatly reduce the number of NBC Sports Next product names, which we feel better aligns with our overall mission of service to our golf course partners. As of June 6, there will only be four golf product names within NBC Sports Next: 

  • Golf365: our entry-level product formerly known as Platform
  • Golf365 Pro: formerly known as G1
  • Golf365 Premier: formerly known as EZSuite 
  • ClubBuy: no change

These are name changes only. Functionality for all the product features and services you previously used will remain intact. We’re excited to introduce our new brands and make your interactions with NBC Sports Next more efficient and friction free. To help with this transition, we’ve put together the following list of frequently asked questions to help explain this exciting update:

Why is NBC Sports Next rebranding its products?

After years of acquisitions and organic growth, our list of more than 20 commercial brands and logos were a mix of legacy names and GolfNow-branded products – a long and confusing product list for employees and course operators. Our goal was to simplify these offerings and their features, moving away from “logo soup,” and removing GolfNow (now only a consumer-facing brand) to better align with parent company NBC Sports to add further credibility to our product names.

What products are being rebranded?

All our commercial products and features will be involved in the rebranding. With the new product architecture and naming, we now have four brands we are selling to clients, with all products and/or services as features within those products:

  • The Platform will now be known as Golf365, our entry level product
  • G1 will now be known as Golf365 Pro
  • EZSuite will now be known as Golf365 Premier
  • ClubBuy is our fourth product, but there are no changes to the product name

When will the rebranding take place?

We will begin using these names the week of June 6, 2023.

What does it mean for course partners and prospects?

These are simply name changes. The only changes our partners will need to recognize are (1) new logos for the products they use and (2) new URLs to access their technology. We will redirect from the old URLs for an unspecified amount of time. Our prospective customers will begin to see the new product names in our marketing materials beginning the week of June 6, 2023.

If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out to our support team here: