GOLF Business Solutions Announces Launch of ‘Payments’ Functionality

Avoid hidden fees and overcharges for card processing

A great golf course manager knows the customer experience isn’t over until the customer drives off. He or she also is savvy enough to realize all the marketing touchpoints that can make an average experience great – including when it’s time to pay.

Every operator wants to make things easy for their golfers – booking rounds online, checking in, buying a sleeve of balls, grabbing a snack from the beverage cart, and, hopefully, enjoying post-round food-and-beverage. Golf course management software with fully integrated functionality helps achieve a seamless experience.

Golf Business Solutions’ new Payments feature will achieve both the operator and manager goals by making operations run like a well-oiled machine. Payments is a part of a turn-key 21st-century course by allowing the operator to review transactions, check inventories, keep an eye on cash flow, run credit card transactions, and more.

“Payments by GOLF Business Solutions allows you to seamlessly integrate online, phone and in-person payments with your point-of-sale system,” explains Charles Kingsbaker, Senior Sales Specialist for GOLF Business Solutions. “With that full integration, the processing of payments requires just one vendor, accepting every payment any customer makes, no matter when or where.”

Charles’ colleague, Kelvin Wierks, has been part of the team working to build, test, and refine the functionality of Payments. Regulatory compliance, security issues, and the ability to interface with the vast banking and payments ecosystem have dictated a steady pace.

“The payments space is convoluted and complex,” says Wierks, Vice President of Business Platforms for GOLF Business Solutions. “Golf courses have been hit with higher costs for payment processing than they rightly should, and the reports they see are too complicated to make sense of. Our mission has been to simplify the contractual process, simplify rates dramatically, and offer the seamlessness of working with a single vendor.”

Payments start with transparent and easily understood rates, plus a guarantee of no hidden fees. You can see exactly what you’re paying on every transaction, and those transactions can happen via tablet, desktop, online, or in-person. Full integration with GOLF Business Solutions means that wherever and whenever a payment happens, funds will be auto-deposited to your account. All Payments transactions are PCI-compliant (Payment Card Industry), with end-to-end encryption for security.

Early adopters of the technology have been quick to appreciate having all revenue inflows come from one source on a set daily schedule. “You don’t have to try and remember when (mobile-device payments middleman) Square is going to pay you,” says Wierks. He notes that the GOLF Business Solutions-provided hardware a course receives when it switches to Payments is another facet of the program that gets high marks. “We provide a wireless pin pad and an EMV-compliant terminal,” says Wierks. “No more swiping cards – everything has the security of a chip.”

Advanced economies have been favoring digital systems over cash and check-writing for a long time, in the name of security, ease, and data analysis.

“Businesses of all kinds, including golf courses, are moving to a ‘pay-anywhere’ approach,” says Kingsbaker, “which makes the relationship with your payments processor all the more important to the entire operation. Going forward, the advantages a course gains from adopting Payments will only increase, because of new products and services that are in the works. Golfers will notice more and more perks, along with the sheer ease of the experience.”

Their favorite course is already the place where golfers are most interested in spending their money—adding. Payments technology is a way to simply enhance that preference.

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