Customer Stories: The City of Winter Park

How the City of Winter Park manages multiple golf courses seamlessly

Managing multiple golf courses, as Golf Division Operations Manager for the City of Winter Park, Gregg Pascale knows well, is no easy task. Located near Orlando, Florida, local favorite golf courses Winter Park 9 and Winter Pines are a golfer’s dream. But keeping operations running smoothly for golfers requires coordination, aligned strategy, and the right technology solutions. 

Bringing in Winter Pines has proved to be a great advantage to residents and visitors of the City of Winter Park, providing options for a shorter 9-hole game or a longer, more traditional round of 18-hole golf. The real challenge Pascale and his team faced was how to get both courses aligned in way that makes them easier to run for a single course operator. 

This is where NBC Sports Next and the Golf365 technology came in to help the City of Winter Park manage multiple courses on one platform and improve the golfer experience. Adding Golf365 Pro and its suite of tools, including Tee Time Distribution, Payments, and more, has allowed the City of Winter Park to seamlessly integrate the operations of these two great courses.

“Getting the two golf courses on the same POS system, same operating system, the same credit card system–all of those things have been wonderful.”

–Gregg Pascale, Golf Division Operations Manager for the City of Winter Park 

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