Best Practices

6 Booking Engine Best Practices for Your Golf Course

Just having a booking engine in place won’t ensure that you’re optimizing traffic towards your online tee times. Our leaders in inventory management have put together some key tips to help your course do just that. Here are six options to help you incentivize your online tee times while maximizing your revenue in the process. Ready to get started?

Maximizing The Customer Experience

At any time, the golf shop can become a busy place, giving your team a ton to do, from helping golfers check in to juggling calls as the phone rings off the hook. By encouraging golfers to book tee times on your booking engine and course website, you can allocate more time to create a great customer experience in-person both in and out of your golf shop.

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Increasing Your Website Exposure

Working to draw more traffic to your website can do a lot more than just help fill your tee sheet. It gives an extra showcase to everything at your facility to existing and potential golfers, from your restaurant to clubhouse and course.

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The Importance of Data Capture

If a large portion of your bookings are limited to the phone, you could be missing out on great customer data. It’s importance can not be stressed enough. With an online booking, you can see who is reserving tee times at your course and prep yourself to deliver communications in effort to get them back for a second or third time.

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Increasing Your Phone Rates

You can make your online price the best option without having to discount it. By increasing your rates of phone bookings, you can encourage golfers to book online, while not having to lower your prices.

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Incentivize with Online Loyalty Programs

Increasing phone rates isn’t the only way to incentivize booking online without having to discount your rates. By creating an online loyalty program, you can give your golfers a reason to look online and keep coming back for more.

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Driving Bookings with Voicemail

After hours could prove to be a gap for your course. By setting up a voicemail that directs golfers to book online around the clock, you can cover your bases and always ensure that traffic is directing golfers to book where you want them to.

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