Reserve with Google FAQs 

Why is “Book Online” now included in my courses Google search results?

Our mission is to connect golfers to courses while growing and enhancing the game of golf by innovating and enhancing the golf experience for all. We do this through a variety of ways, with a core focus on amplifying your tee time inventory to reach the largest network of golfers possible. This new feature on Google is available to GolfNow partners and provides just that, the ability to meet golfers where they are when looking to book their next round at your course. This “Book Online” button provides a quicker book-to-play experience for the golfer, allowing them to find and book your tee time inventory in less steps.    

What exactly is the Reserve with Google program?

Reserve with Google enhances the Google Search experience by providing golfers with the ability to reserve a tee time directly from the search results. Through GolfNow’s partnership with Google, golfers can now discover golf courses and book their tee times through Google Search, Google Maps and across the Google platform. The ability to book directly from a Google listing is a feature that most users have already grown accustomed to over the years, from restaurant reservations, appointments, movie tickets, etc. – and tee times are the latest integration available to all users.  

The ease of booking increases the likelihood of purchase, resulting in fewer missed opportunities and a more efficient booking experience. This is just another advantage to partnering with GolfNow and our expanded reach of golfers searching for tee times.

How does the Reserve with Google process work? 

Reserve with Google makes it faster and easier for golfers to discover and book tee times. Not to mention, puts your course directly in front of golfers looking to book a tee time. When a golfer discovers your Golf Facility on Google or Google Maps, they’ll see a “Book Online” button within the Google listing, a button exclusively available via the Reserve with Google integration. Upon clicking, the golfer can instantly access your tee times and select the preferred date, time, and group size. Reserve with Google reduces the number of steps it takes for golfers to complete their booking, therefore improving conversion rates and delivering more rounds and more golfers for your course.   

Why is Reserve with Google good for my course? 

The additional Book Online button provides increased exposure to your course’s Google listing and makes it as easy as possible for golfers to transact at your golf course. Reserve with Google offers many advantages including: 

1. Increased visibility 
2. A streamlined booking process  
3. A new customer acquisition channel 
4. Increased reservations with no additional effort 
5. An enhanced customer experience 

How do golfers interact with the booking feature?

A golfer can interact in one of two ways:

1. By selecting the prominent “Book Online” button located within the Google results profile. From here, they’ll be immediately directed to select a tee time and complete their booking in seconds.   

2. By selecting “Services” where they can choose from 9/18 holes, cart/walking, etc. Then “Book Online” will take them straight to tee time results, filtered based on the search criteria selected. 

What about the golfers already searching for my course on Google

This new feature doesn’t replace any current search listings displayed; it simply amplifies your presence even more with a Book Online button in the same native Google environment that users are accustomed to.   

Can I edit my Golf Facility Listing on Google

Yes, you can edit your course listing on Google. Please note however that we have no control over your listing and recommend you check Google’s FAQs or help channels.   

What information does Google have access to? 

The only information Google has access to is your facility address and the services offered (9/18 holes, walking/cart).   

I am not interested in using Reserve with Google – can I opt out?

Of course. While we believe this service has the potential to have more golfers discover your golf course, therefore increasing rounds and revenue, your preference comes first. To opt out, simply contact us by filling out the form here and we can take this forward with your Account Manager.