Ratings and Reviews in Australia

Authentic feedback from golfers leads to impressive conversion.


Golf Advisor on GolfPass isn’t just for golfers.

Golf course operators in Australia can take advantage of the power of ratings and reviews to help grow their business.

Make reviews matter

Golfers love to talk – give them a way to help your course grow your reputation.

Grow your reviews

Regular engagement and responding to reviews shows customers you care about improvement.

Reviews to market your course

Use a positive review from a customer in emails, social media and other mediums to grow business.

Why Reviews Matter

Today’s customers are looking for reviews of a product before they buy, and customers – especially golfers – love to talk. 

  • Nothing better than customer reccomendations
    Online reviews propel businesses of all kinds to big success from the word of satisfied customers.
  • Drive additional traffic Use ratings and reviews to drive additional revenue, while also collecting key insights from golfers to help you improve your operation.

Grow Your Reviews

Responding to reviews shows you genuinely care about feedback.

  • Regular engagement works
    Responding to both positive and negative reviews on a regular basis helps golfers see that you care about making improvements and hearing what they have to say about their experience.

Use Reviews to Market Your Course

A positive review can help your course in all kinds of communications.

  • Customer-driven communications
    We encourage courses to use the positive ratings and reviews posted about your course in emails, marketing and other various mediums. 
  • Testimonials drive traffic
    Reviews from real golfers on GOLF Advisor represent authentic, word-of-mouth endorsements.